The revolution continues

New QS02 and QS03

The innovative 3D casing surfaces of the QS model open up a whole new dimension in communications to the ball pen as classic haptic advertising medium, and the jury of the Promotional Gift Awards thinks so, too. 

Prodir is launching two new writing instruments on the market this autumn: the QS02 and the QS03. The first has an amazingly delicate texture reminiscent of softly falling particles and the second wows with a casing with tyre tread design, making it the ideal brand ambassador for automobile industry companies. Grippy and eye-catching.

About Prodir

Internationally award-winning design, outstanding writing technology and wide-ranging personalisation options make Prodir writing instruments personalisable brand ambassadors. Sustainable and socially responsible, our pens are produced in Switzerland from cap to tip.

Prodir. We make pens that write well.

As a promotional product retailer, the Partner Lounge supports your marketing work and allows you to save writing instruments directly online from the configurator.


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Customise your own Prodir writing instrument with a logo online: on your computer and all mobile devices. Just the way you want it. See what your writing instrument might look like.


Our writing instruments are open for your stories and contribute some of their own character in the process. That’s why our new magazine is called Open: An open “O” before “pen” which takes in everything that makes our writing instruments so unmistakable.

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