Prodir promotional writing instruments are latest-generation environment-friendly products. Technological innovation to reduce waste and consumption, groundbreaking design and high writing quality guarantee our promotional articles lasting success. Only a product of beauty and quality makes a strong enough impression to stay in the memory. Our customised writing instruments are made to remain and promote our customers’ names over the long term, reducing waste and protecting the environment.


Prodir promotional writing instruments belong to a new generation of environment-friendly products. Continual technological innovation brings benefits for energy saving and the conservation of resources. A modern way of doing business, grounded in corporate environmental and social responsibility, guaranteed by the strict system of controls required by Swiss law.

We believe that to be sustainable, a product must be long-lived, so we choose refills of quality, guaranteed to last. Because to survive over time, a promotional product must be well made with excellent design and high writing quality.

This means that design goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. It is a decisive factor for a product's acceptance and lasting use. So it can increase a promotional gift's effectiveness and help prevent the wastage of resources. Yet another reason why we insist that our products must be beautiful as well as functional!

One decisive factor in our products' longevity is the ballpoint pen refill. That's why today, every one of our writing instruments uses the Floating Ball® Writing System. The pen slides over the paper even more smoothly and agreeably. Excellent writing quality: the guarantee that our customised writing instruments will carry out customers' names around the world for a long time!

In this case, environment-friendliness and economic returns are in symbiosis.


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