Our writing instruments are open for your stories and contribute some of their own character in the process. That’s why our new magazine is called Open: An open “O” before “pen” which takes in everything that makes our writing instruments so unmistakable. A magazine catalogue with products and stories by and about Prodir, told with the same quality and originality as you are accustomed to from our writing instruments. Because we love telling stories. 

Open: 07

Focus: Tools

Stories and images of small and big things, which help us or don’t, to carry out important and unimportant things: bags, containers, stones, milking stool, apps and much more. You’ll find this and all new Prodir products in the new issue of Open.


Issue 06
a/w 2017
Issue 05
s/s 2017
Issue 04
a/w 2016
Issue 03
s/s 2016
Issue 02
a/w 2015
Issue 01
s/s 2015