New notebooks from Prodir

‘mishmash x prodir’ is an original and unique collection of notebooks for the promotional market, a collaboration between the Swiss writing instrument specialist and mishmash, the Portuguese stationary start-up founded by designer Beatriz Barros. With their careful balance of style, function and attention to detail, mishmash paper products have been attracting increasing international attention. They are available in some of the most famous museums around the world, including New York’s Guggenheim, as well as online at

Prodir press release 03/2023

The new notebook collection comprises two formats. MM01 Small is a passport format notebook designed to fit comfortably in any handbag whilst MM02 Medium is a classic A5 soft cover.

Fine details and studied structural elements round out the individual character of each model. In the MM02 Medium, inner flaps increase the value perception and reinforce the soft cover. On the spine of the MM01 Small, the colour-coordinated thread of the Singer stitching is strikingly visible.

In all material and personalisation decisions, the focus is not only on practical benefits but also on enhancing the sensual experience and thus the USP of haptic communication. The brand logo can be discreetly applied to both models in high-quality embossing that can be felt with the fingertips. Pleasantly rough cover surfaces additionally emphasise the haptic experience. Their natural colours are a pleasure for the eyes and communicate sustainability in action. Paper quality has been carefully selected as well: ink-safe, FSC®-certified paper with excellent writing properties guarantee an optimal writing experience.

The ‘mishmash x prodir’ notebook collection is also available unprinted in selected configurations in low quantities and with shorter delivery times. Users will always find sustainability information on the last page inside. All notebooks are manufactured in the Porto region. This ensures short, intra-European delivery routes without container transports across the ocean, and guarantees compliance with European labour, social and environmental standards during all phases of production.

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Photo: ‘mishmash x prodir’ - the new notebooks from Prodir.