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Подробнее о свежих новостях компании Prodir читайте ниже в новых пресс-релизах.

Set your story in Stone. Prodir QS50 Stone looks classic, feels timeless, is totally new.

QS50 is a fresh, elegant, innovatively sustainable take on the iconic hexagonal shape of a pencil. Made from a special material enriched with minerals, Swiss made QS50 has 60% less plastic and 50% more weight, a valuable difference you can feel.

Maximal minimalism: New Prodir DS11 is as simple as 1+1

Pushing sustainable simplicity to the maximum, Prodir has succeeded in creating a push ball point writing instrument for business that is made from only two parts. DS11 is a masterful minimalist gem for brands that wants to keep it simple in 2024.

New notebooks from Prodir

‘mishmash x prodir’ is an original and unique collection of notebooks for the promotional market, a collaboration between the Swiss writing instrument specialist and mishmash, the Portuguese stationary start-up founded by designer Beatriz Barros. With their careful balance of style, function and attention to detail, mishmash paper products have been attracting increasing international attention. They are available in some of the most famous museums around the world, including New York’s Guggenheim, as well as online at

DS6 S: The new Prodir Mini

Less C02, less plastic, top performance: the trendiest mix in the new DS6 S Mini from Prodir.

Prodir wins iF Design Award 2022

QS40 True Biotic from Swiss manufacturer Prodir has won this year’s iF Design Award, one of the world's most prestigious awards for exceptional achievement in product design. The expert jury awarded the writing instrument for its outstanding design and the use of a material that is as innovative as it is sustainable.

Recycling across the board.

Recycled materials are now standard practice at the Swiss-based Prodir. All its models are now made from regenerated and recycled ABS: 100% for black and white casings and 50% for coloured ones.

DS5 Shell Metal Clip: the pen made from mussels!

The Swiss-based Prodir is showing the world how used seashells can be recycled into writing instruments that are not only ultra-sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing with a strong communicative impact.

Biodegradable in the sea: the new DS8 True Biotic.

The Swiss-based company Prodir is now also offering its successful DS8 model with sustainable casings made from revolutionary biopolymers (PHA), a natural material that has been synthesized and broken down again by micro-organisms for millions of years. Part of the cycle of nature, it is biobased, biocompatible, biodegradable and non-toxic.

The cloud for Prodir’s Cloud Pens. Now completely free.

From today, Prodir is offering the digital dimension of haptic advertising thrown in: the Swiss manufacturer of writing instruments is now offering its customers free access to the Cloud Pen web app. The added value this can bring to communications is huge.

A real gem, now also made from seashells: the new Prodir DS5 Metal Clip

Taking an existing product to the next level through sheer attention to detail – this is what Prodir has achieved with its new DS5 Metal Clip, an exclusive writing instrument with high-quality details made from innovative, sustainable materials.

Prodir: “Antibacterial” effective against coronaviruses

Tests in accordance with ISO 21702:2019 demonstrate the antibacterial effectiveness of Prodir’s “Antibacterial” writing instruments.

QS40 True Biotic: The Genuine Game Changer

Plastic-free biopolymers are the revolutionary raw material from which Prodir is manufacturing its all-new QS40 True Biotic. With the first use of this innovative bio-based, biodegradable and non-toxic material, Prodir is setting new standards in sustainability, not only in the promotional market. In acknowledgement of this achievement, the Swiss company has now been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2021.

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