QS40 True Biotic: The Genuine Game Changer

Promotional Gift Award 2021 for the QS40 True Biotic

Plastic-free biopolymers are the revolutionary raw material from which Prodir is manufacturing its all-new QS40 True Biotic. With the first use of this innovative bio-based, biodegradable and non-toxic material, Prodir is setting new standards in sustainability, not only in the promotional market. In acknowledgement of this achievement, the Swiss company has now been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2021.

Prodir press release 01/2021

All of the pen’s casing components are made from natural polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). PHA is created when microorganisms synthesize renewable resources such as lipids or sugars by way of fermentation. This non-fossil material is non-toxic, harmless, recyclable and biocompatible. The production process does not require toxic or otherwise harmful substances. The process is safe, non-toxic and unfolds without releasing pollutants into the environment.

The PHA Prodir is using is biodegradable under natural conditions in seawater, freshwater and soil, as well as under the specific conditions of domestic and industrial composting. The microorganisms that generate this material also degrade it. In the process, only CO2, water and biomass are returned to the natural cycle: everything is transformed, and nothing is lost.

In addition to the decisive advantage of degradability in natural environments, PHA solves essential problems that arise in the cultivation and use of traditional bioplastics. For example, no soil is taken away from food production in its manufacture, no fertilizers that would pollute groundwater are used, while water consumption is low and there are no fine dust emissions.

The QS40 True Biotic is available in seven matt colours, from coral orange to snow white and algae green. Designed for durability down to the last detail, it is refillable like all Prodir writing instruments and equipped with low-emission Floating Ball® 1.0 lead-free refills. As an option, Prodir is offering the QS40 True Biotic in a pre-printed case made of sustainable FSC® paper with algae admixture. This additional option communicates the sustainability features of the writing implement and transfers the high level of innovation and sustainability to the brand whose logo is printed on the clip of the pen.

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Photo: QS40 True Biotic: The Genuine Game Changer