Biodegradable in the sea: the new DS8 True Biotic.

The Swiss-based company Prodir is now also offering its successful DS8 model with sustainable casings made from revolutionary biopolymers (PHA), a natural material that has been synthesized and broken down again by micro-organisms for millions of years. Part of the cycle of nature, it is biobased, biocompatible, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Prodir press release 03/2022

Prodir is the only provider in the world to make writing instruments from PHA. The material is setting new standards in sustainability: besides being biodegradable in natural environments such as the sea, fresh water and the soil, PHA also solve some of the problems involved in growing and using plant-based bioplastics. For instance, no areas of soil need to be taken away from food production in order to make them, no fertilizers that pollute the groundwater are involved, no water is consumed, and no particulates are emitted.

The new DS8 True Biotic combines sustainability, innovation and design to make a strong brand ambassador. It is designed for a long life and comes fitted as standard with Floating Ball® 1.0 refills featuring a lead-free tip. Empty refills are easy to replace. Just like all Prodir writing instruments, the DS8 True Biotic is made entirely in Switzerland using only hydropower generated locally.

Prodir also sells the DS8 True Biotic together with a pouch that is made from an FSC-certified paper produced sustainably and carbon-neutrally with the addition of invasive algae from the Venetian Lagoon. The pouch is an effective amplifier of communication impact and a highly credible communicator of the attitude that the writing instrument espouses: “We want fish in our oceans, not waste.” Every pouch can be personalized with a company logo.

As well as the DS8, Prodir also offers the QS40 with PHA casings.

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Photo: The new DS8 True Biotic