Prizes and awards.

Haptic advertising relies on innovative, high-value product design and strong, persuasive communication. We are delighted to have received awards for both.

Promotional Gift Award 2021 for the QS40 True Biotic.

The QS40 is probably the only product to have won the Promotional Gift Award not once but twice: in 2020, for its spectacular material-saving design, and now in 2021, for its use of revolutionary biopolymers (PHA). These ensure that the casing will break down quickly and completely even in natural environments such as the oceans and the soil.

BPMA Promotional Pen Award 2020 for the QS Stone.

The Stone model series won the “Promotional Pen of the Year” Platinum Award presented by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA). The writing instruments are made from a mineral-enriched material that reduces plastic consumption by a sustainable 60% and increases value perception by adding an extra 50% in weight.

Promotional Gift Award 2020 for the QS40 Air.

The QS40 Air was honoured with the Promotional Gift Award 2020, with the jury reserving particular praise for how it skilfully combines design with sustainability. Its perforated honeycomb structure allows the very stylish casing to shed 40% of its plastic. Of the plastic that is left, 30% comes from internal production waste.

Promotional Gift Award 2018 for the DNA Identity Pen.

The DNA Identity Pen won the Promotional Gift Award 2018. The model series wowed the jury with the many different ways it allowed a brand to be individually showcased.

PromoFritz 2016 for the QS00.

The QS00 scooped a Gold PromoFritz Award in 2016 and was crowned the best promotional merchandise of the year. The writing instrument won over the jury with how it allows 3D patterns to be designed on the casing surface even before the injection moulding process has finished.

Promotional Gift Award 2016 for the QS models.

The Peak and Pattern Pens with their 3D casing surfaces won the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2016, widely regarded as the “Oscar” of the industry. The jury were particularly impressed by the QS00, whose surface can be personalized with 3D patterns during the injection moulding process.

Promotional Gift Award 2015 for the DS9.

The DS9 was presented with the International Promotional Gift Award 2015. The jury praised its contemporary, clear-cut form and innovative colour palette.

Red Dot Award 2013 for “Purity”.

Prodir’s “Purity” campaign picked up the Red Dot Award for communication design. The jury felt that the campaign demonstrated “high design quality, which represents aesthetics, innovation and conciseness in an exemplary fashion.”

IF Product Design Award 2013 for the ES2.

The jury for the renowned IF Product Design Awards 2013 honoured the ES2 for its outstanding design. The award is widely viewed as one of the most important international accolades for good design.

Promotional Gift Award 2011 for the ES1.

2011’s Promotional Gift Award, the top European award for haptic advertising, went to the ES1.

Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009, nomination for the “pending” customer magazine.

In 2009, “pending” magazine was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the country’s highest official award in the design industry.

Econ Award 2008 for the “pending” customer magazine.

The Econ Award is presented by the Econ publishing group in partnership with Handelsblatt and recognises successful corporate communications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Praising the magazine, the organizers said: “Conveying quality awareness, expertise and care in a credible way without actually presenting a product requires expertise in dealing with content and topics as well as an excellent design and production process. In ‘pending’, Prodir consistently tackles this challenge head on in impressive fashion.”

Promotional Gift Award 2008 for the DS2.

2008’s Promotional Gift Award, the top European award for haptic advertising, went to the DS2.

Best of Corporate Publishing 2005, 2006, 2007 for the “pending” customer magazine.

Prodir’s “pending” customer magazine won the BCP Best of Corporate Publishing Award in the “Media, Culture and Entertainment” B2B category three times in a row – two golds and one silver.

Promotional Gift Award 2006 for the DS4.

Its minimalist design won the DS4 the Promotional Gift Award 2006, the most prestigious European accolade for promotional merchandise.

Good Design Award 2005 for the DS5.

The organizer’s website stated: “We at the Good Design Award think of ‘design’ as a verb and define it as a continuous creative process which is never completed.” The DS5 was honoured with the Japanese Good Design Award in 2005.

Promotional Gift Award 2003 for the DS7.

“Innovative in form and function” – in 2003, these qualities secured the DS7 the Promotional Gift Award, Europe’s most important haptic advertising prize.