prodir sustainable eco pens portfolio

Innovations for greater sustainability.

There’s always room for improvement.

High benefit, timeless design, high quality of workmanship and long life – these are the characteristics with which our writing instruments embrace sustainability by virtue of being Swiss made.

But we want more. We want to develop innovative solutions for even more sustainable products through courageous ideas and by working intensively with external partners and experts. The way is the goal here and arrival is a mere illusion.

prodir pens with logo eco qs40 true biotic
True Biotic:

The casing of the QS40 True Biotic is made of plastic-free, biologically degradable biopolymers (PHA). Microorganisms synthesize the polymers and degrade them again. The revolutionary QS40 True Biotic combines maximum sustainability with the highest quality of design and workmanship.

prodir pens with logo eco regenerated
DS Regeneration Pens:

It is best to close the cycle in production: that is why we make the casings for our DS Regeneration Pens out of our own recycled waste. In this way, we avoid waste and reduce logistically determined emissions.

prodir pens with logo eco stone
QS Stone:
60% less plastic!

In the “Stone” model, QS models are manufactured from a special material enriched with minerals. This allows us to reduce the plastic content of each casing by up to 60%.

prodir pens with logo eco qs40 air
QS40 Air:
60% less plastic!

The material-saving design of the QS40 Air reduces plastic consumption by up to 60% by comparison with similar models. You can only consume less plastic by genuinely using less.

prodir pens with logo eco ds3 biotic
DS3 Biotic:

The casings of the DS3 Biotic are made of non-fossil, vegetable raw materials (PLA) and are biologically degradable.