True Biotic

QS writing instruments with casings made from biobased and biodegradable biopolymers (PHA).

Antibacterial Pens

Writing instruments made of antibacterial plastic. ISO 22196 certified, hygienic and offering product protection for life.

Stone Pens

Fine writing instruments produced with special plastic that has been enhanced with minerals, exclusive colours and high-quality accessories. The way to communicate value.

Regeneration & Biotic Pens

DS writing instruments with casings made from recycled or biobased plastic (PLA).

DNA Identity Pens

A modular system composed of materials, surfaces, colours and forms which you can configure until it’s exactly like the DNA of your brand.

QS Peak & Pattern Pens

With its 3D surfaces, the QS models open up a new dimension of haptic brand communication.

DS Classic Pens

Their high-quality design language and excellent workmanship make the DS models classic writing instruments in the world of haptic promotion.


Design tells a story. Good design tells a story of care and attention in the function and creativity that runs through it. That is why we believe good design is always the best way to start a good story. The same goes for excellent refill technology. The combination of effective refills and strong form creates pens which are ideally equipped to work as credible brand ambassadors. 


Every Prodir ballpoint pen already exudes this outstanding quality before being personalised. This ensures that the identity of a brand is communicated sustainably.

Brand values and the experience of writing are harmonised, resulting in a tangible brand experience.

Everything you need to know about us and our writing instruments.


This time you can't wait?

Select one of the Fastlane configurations and we will ship 500 – 5,000 pens with up to a 5 colour clip-print in 5 working days from artwork approval.

Because sometimes it just has to go quickly.


Antibacterial Pens

We can supply all of our models with antibacterial surface protection – from impactful, all-white special models in small quantities from just 500 units to a free choice of model for quantities starting from 5,000/10,000 units.



Stone Pens

It is immediately noticeable that they weigh 50% more. At the same time, we need 60% less plastic for their production, which increases sustainability.


Regeneration & Biotic Pens

Classic DS models with casings made from renewable raw materials (PLA) or 100% recycled plastics: they communicate a strong message and make our iconic designs even more environmentally-friendly.


DNA Identity Pen

A new medium in which the DNA of your brand takes shape so individually as never before.


Simply say thank you!

The only antibacterial pen with a thank you message inscribed in five languages in the casing.



Created by nature for nature

The biopolymers of True Biotic casings are produced from micro-organisms. And they degrade just as naturally as they are produced - in the sea, in the soil - anywhere. They are part of nature.

New material
New material


A breath of fresh Air

60% less plastic. 100% more air. The lattice-work surface on the QS40 Air, successor model of the QS04, creates a cushion of air that makes the pen seem to float in your hand.



The tool

Confident and with a high-quality impression, it needs no gimmicks. The new QS30 radiates a certain matter-of-factness of a good tool, which one can really rely on.


Form inspires feeling

The QS20 Peak Pen translates the principle of three-dimensional design of the casing surface into an aesthetic, sculptural object.


Show profile

For all who have something to do with cars, motorcycles and tires and want to communicate with a good grip.


Touchination - the fascination of touch

The fine, diamond-like rhomboid structure defines the casing surface of the QS01 Pattern Pen.


Personalisation 2.0

Give your promotional medium the three-dimensional surface structure that speaks for your brand! The QS00 is open for your ideas.


Oval, round or both?

The clip of the DS9 immediately catches the eye. Bold colour worlds, quality mix & match options and a clear form characterize it.


More of everything!

Exclusive metal clips in fine finishes, elegantly integrated into a colour-contrasted clip holder, with coordinated push button - and all this optimally in combination with a Soft touch casing.



Its triangular form is uncomplicated and straightforward, and open for any brand-oriented embellishments. Now also available with a casing made of 100% recycled material and innovative Floating Ball® lead free refill.



Relaxed elegance and an innovative push mechanism combined with a timeless, attractive form.



Added to the large range of its personalization options is now a casing made of 100% recycled material in combination with the innovative Floating Ball® lead free refill.



The first square Prodir, presents itself in a striking and quality-conscious way.



Body surface and mechanism of the DS3 Biotic Pen are manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials.



The icon, slightly modernized, with a large clip and a very smooth twist mechanism.



A true classic in the world of contemporary writing instrument design. The original is now also available with a casing made of 100% recycled material and innovative Floating Ball® lead free refill.



The streamlined side wings of the push button offers unique personalisation possibilities.



Thanks to its beautifully designed cap which sweeps seamlessly into the clip, the DS1 is a classic in pen design.