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DS3 Biotic

Prodir writing instruments stand out thanks to their wide acceptance and long useful life. These are both decisive factors for a good ecological footprint. For those looking for an even more environmentally-friendly option, the DS3 is now also available as a biotic pen. The body surface and mechanism are produced using renewable raw materials (PLA) which are biodegradable in line with EN 13432:2002. This ballpoint pen is therefore 75% compostable overall. The writing instruments are also recognisable by virtue of the “Biotic Pen” relief on the side of the cap.

Night and sea

Sea, snow, night, fire, carrot, sand and grass – even the names of the DS3 Biotic Pen colours have a close connection to nature. 

In the “Sand” version, wood powder (FSC) is added to the biotic plastic in order to achieve the typical sand-effect.