prodir pens sustainability manifesto

Sustainability. A manifesto.

We want writing instruments that are sustainable and long-lasting, that people enjoy using for their high quality in form and function, and which therefore fulfil their role as good writing instruments and credible brand ambassadors.
And You?


We want to produce useful, durable objects that become part of people's everyday life because they are functional, timeless and durable.


We manufacture our writing instruments ourselves, from the refill to the nose cone, in ultra-modern production facilities with employees who are qualified and insured in Switzerland. In this way we can guarantee the quality we offer you.


We produce in Switzerland because innovation and sustainability can be implemented faster, better and more effectively.


We are the only country on earth where the rights of plants is anchored in the constitution. The careful use of our natural resources is part of our DNA.


We focus on short, green and socially responsible supply chains. Thanks to a high level of vertical integration, we can do without climate-damaging container transports across the oceans.


We want to set standards, not chase trends. That is why we are among the pioneers in the use of biobased and biodegradable raw materials such as PHA.


Innovation today only goes with nature, not against it.


We want to live credibility because communication is our business and trust is our greatest asset. We love the rustling of the trees in the forest, not the one in communication.


We are not yet where we want to be, but we are working on it. For the small part of this world for which we are responsible, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem.


The mindful handling of our social and ecological environment is as much as part of us as the mountains are part of Switzerland.

Shaping sustainability together!

prodir pens sustainable production