Stone Pens.

Stones, they say, last for ever.

How long a writing instrument is used depends on how people assess its value and benefit. The higher the perception of value and the better it works, the longer people want to use it. The QS Stone models set the bar here.

60% less plastic, 50% more weight.

Minerals instead of plastic.

QS Stone writing instruments are made of a special material in which the plastic is enriched with minerals. This reduces the plastic content by a sustainable 60% and increases the weight by 50%. A difference that you notice immediately when you pick it up.

We offer you three of our QS models in Stone versions. Standard accessories such as elegant metal clips and selected casing colours painted in matt hues reminiscent of minerals and metals underline their high perceived value.

Rock, paper…

PS7 Stone eco box lets them know their new QS Stone pen gift is one for the ages.