True Biotic Pens.

Created by nature for nature.

The revolutionary biopolymers of the casings for the QS40 True Biotic and DS8 True Biotic are produced naturally by millions of microorganisms. They degrade quickly and without any negative impact on the environment. They even act as fertilizers. They are part of the eternal cycle of nature, where nothing is wasted and everything is transformed.

The biodegradability of PHA in natural surroundings such as seawater, fresh water and soil is certified.

We want fish in our oceans, not waste.

Biopolymers are the building blocks of living organisms - and the revolutionary raw material from which the True Biotic casings of the QS40 and DS8 are made from.  All external casing components (casing, clip and push button) are made of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), a biobased and biodegradable raw material. Microorganisms synthesize it in a natural way by the fermentation of sugars or lipids and also biodegrade it again in a natural environment. Only CO2, water and biomass are returned to the natural cycle. 

No toxic nor harmful substances are used or brought about in the production of PHA. The process is safe, non-toxic and does not release harmful substances. 
The PHA used for production is biodegradable even in natural environments such as seawater, fresh water and soil. 

PS0 True Biotic

PS0 True Biotic pouch transforms the story of the revolutionary material of the DS8 True Biotic and QS40 True Biotic into the story of the brand that uses it to advertise.