100% Swiss Made!

There’s a good slice of Switzerland in every one of our products. Your Swiss Made not only stands for precision and care. It also exemplifies the fact that people working for us can make a living and questions of child labour never arise. It is proof that we adhere to one of the strictest sets of environmental laws in the world in the only country on Earth where the dignity of plants is guaranteed by the constitution. It means we don’t have to send containers over the world’s oceans just to receive components for our products from the Far East. We prefer to make them ourselves. Our Swiss made is part of our self-image and it represents sustainable, socially responsible action. And we believe it shows.

Being Swiss.

One reason Switzerland is regularly voted the most innovative country in the world is its lack of natural resources. We have no choice; we have to be creative and precise. And because we learned early that resources are scarce, we work hard to protect them. Added to this is the fact that in times when everything seems to look the same, we are a little stubborn in insisting on our independence.

And that also applies to Prodir. That is why we are and will stay vertically integrated, preferring to do things ourselves, from start to finish, from injection moulding via printing to finishing. Because this is the only way to be sure that what comes out at the end matches what we set out to achieve at the outset: a Swiss original. For every new development and every order. Exactly what you would expect from us.

We simply love making things that people appreciate.
Because that is their added value when others communicate and write with them.