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DS8 Metal Clip

With its clear, minimalistic design, the metal clip follows the timeless use of form of the DS8. Standard is a silver-colour clip-push button combination, and specials include combinations in galvanised copper, black or grey as well as white varnished: The clips are always satin finish, the push buttons satin finish or shiny. A very fine material mix of metal and plastic that draws strong attention to the brand. Now also available with a new, high-quality metal nose cone.

Refined details

Its clear-cut, minimalist look and high-quality design elements make the DS8 Metal Clip a timeless classic amongst writing instruments. The new metal tip adds an eye-catching premium accent to the model. Four different colours are available: copper, silver, graphite and black, each with a satin or chrome finish. 

The metal clip is attached to the casing by a clip holder, which can be designed in a contrasting colour. This provides your brand with a touch of elegance and offers the opportunity to integrate brand-related accents.

Elegant, functional mechanical pencil

The DS8 Metal Clip is also available as a mechanical pencil with a durable double-push mechanism and retractable stainless steel tip for medium-hard 0.7 mm HB refills. 

It also includes of course a small eraser integrated into the push button.