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QS40 True Biotic

The QS40 True Biotic sets new standards in sustainability. Its elegant, honeycomb-like casing is made from biobased, non-toxic biopolymers (PHA). They are biodegradable without industrial composting - in the sea or in your own garden. In their creation and decomposition they are part of the natural cycle of nature.

Special features

Options include metal push buttons in elegant matt gold, silver, graphite, black, copper or shiny silver.


PS0 True Biotic:|||enhancing communication

The PS0 True Biotic tells the unique story of the new QS40 True Biotic: its robust combination of sustainability, innovation and design is transferred to the brand, with its logo on the clip. The Shiro Alga Carta pouch pre-printed on both sides is produced sustainably and CO2-neutrally from FSC paper blended with algae which otherwise infest the sensitive marine environment of the Venice Lagoon. 

This information is also displayed on the PS0 True Biotic - so that everyone knows what an extraordinary writing instrument they are receiving.