No greenwashing!

Made from pioneering materials, these refillable writing instruments, designed to last a lifetime, become a credible part of a sustainable brand message.

New DS Regeneration Pens.|||Recycled from our own production waste

The DS Regeneration Pens are available in a special environmentally-friendly combination: the exterior of 100% regenerated plastic and the interior with the less toxic Floating Ball® lead free refill. This combination is only available through us. Now also with antibacterial surface protection.
All casings of our writing instruments have a recycled content of 30%, by the way.

DS3 Biotic.|||Made from renewable raw materials

The casings of the DS3 Biotic are made from non-fossil, renewable raw materials (PLA) and are biodegradable. Ideal in combination with the particularly non-polluting Floating Ball® lead-free refill.

New QS40 True Biotic.|||Created by nature for nature

With the QS40 True Biotic, we're taking another important step forward. Its casings are made from biobased, non-toxic biopolymers (PHA) that biodegrade easily under natural conditions - in sea and soil, for example. Creation and decomposition follow the natural carbon cycle of nature.

Shaping sustainability together

The best thing we can do together for more sustainability is to focus on products that deliver what they promise and therefore really mean something to the people to whom they send a message. This is the raw material from which trust and sustainable action can be developed.