No greenwashing!

Made from cutting edge, eco-friendly materials, these refillable, beautifully crafted writing instruments let you make environmental consciousness a credible part of your brand message.


New DS Regeneration Pens.|||Recycled, less toxic and lead free

The models DS3, DS5 and DS8 are now exclusively available in a special environmentally-friendly combination: the exterior of 100% recycled plastic and the interior with the revolutionary Floating Ball® lead free refill. This combination is only available through us.
Antibacterial protection is now available in elegant matt white finish.

DS3 Biotic.|||Renewable and biodegradable

The DS3 Biotic starts with the end in mind: made with renewable raw materials (PLA), these writing instruments are biodegradable and 75% compostable overall. More than any other product, our DS3 Biotic can help you show your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainability at work

At Prodir, sustainability is about more than just the final product. From materials recycled onsite from our own production waste, to restricting manufacturing to a low-kilometre radius, to adherence to Switzerland’s strict environmental controls, we’re continually working to reduce our footprint and close the circle on waste. For our values, our teams, our lands, and you.