Dear Friends of Greenpeace,

We want fish in the sea, not garbage. That is why the new QS40 True Biotic is so important. Because unlike other types of bioplastics, the casing of our biobased, non-toxic and biocompatible QS40 "True Biotic" is truly biodegradable: it sinks slowly to the bottom of the sea where it is quickly and completely broken down by millions upon millions of microbes, without harmful residues. We thought this might interest you after you wrote a few years ago that there are no "truly" biodegradable plastics.
Kind regards, Prodir.

True Biotic.|||Created by nature for nature

Biopolymers are the basic building blocks of living organisms - and the raw material from which we produce casings for the new QS40 True Biotic. Trillions of microorganisms produce huge amounts of these biopolymers every second, all naturally through biosynthesis. And the best thing of all is that they break them down again with the same enthusiasm. 

Because nature knows only transformation, not waste. In the end, everything goes back to the way it was, in balance. That's how nature works, and we are working on being part of it. 

True Biotic, the facts:

  • 100% biobased and renewable raw material
  • 100% rapidly biodegradable in soil, sea and fresh water
  • 100% compostable at home
  • 100% fast and closed carbon cycle
  • No use of agricultural land
  • No consumption of precious water

New QS40 True Biotic

Nature is innovation

Today, innovation can only mean working with nature and not against it. The spectacular shape of the QS40 Air embodies this idea. It combines a honeycomb structure with a very light and material-saving technical design. The material and shape speak the same language.