High acceptance, perfect functionality and a long lifespan ensure that a ballpoint pen not only does its job as a promotional vehicle, but also an environmentally-friendly one. That’s our commitment. For us, good design is therefore not a luxury. It is a decisive factor in how long a ballpoint pen is in use and has a major influence on how effective and what scope its promotional message has.

A little bit longer, please!

Without durability, there’s no sustainability. Prodir has become the first producer in the promotional product market to exclusively offer ballpoint pens with exchangeable refills. After all, only products with long useful lives guarantee effective use of resources and at the same time ensure that brand messages reach as many people as possible, for a long period of time. 

As our production is based in Switzerland, with its strict environmental standards, we were already producing sustainably before sustainability became a buzzword. Today, we continuously work to make everything a little better. Both for those who write - and for the environment. 

“Swiss made” is also synonymous with exemplary working and social standards, as well as creating maximum transparency in all issues of corporate social responsibility.

As our production sites are located in the heart of Europe, we don’t send containers filled with writing instruments across the world’s oceans. Our production logistics are limited to transport between both of our production sites in southern Switzerland. And the same applies for the shipping of our finished pens – we are where our customers are. In the heart of Europe. “Swiss Made” is proof of sustainability and socially-responsible business practices.