Light designers.

Since 1978 Luceplan interprets light as "a tool to improve human well-being and the quality of the environment". The company creates lighting fixtures with high technological and aesthetic standards that skillfully combine functionality and decoration.

The high quality of design of the well-known Italian brand has been recognized by the juries of the most prestigious international awards. Iconic products of the Milan-based light designers are part of the permanent collection of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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The innovative and sophisticated aesthetics of the QS20 communicate Luceplan's penchant for strong and experimental design.

The triangular facets of the QS20's surface evoke the refraction of light. The innovative and sophisticated aesthetics of the writing instrument communicate Luceplan's penchant for research and experimentation. The corresponding landing page connects the brand digitally, supporting the interaction with its community of clients, admirers and designers.