Connecting features.

Prodir Cloud Messengers are connected through the most accessible, efficient and sustainable technology for proximity marketing purposes: QR Codes.

The Cloud Services Admin Dashboard will let you manage and monitor the mobile landing page linked to your writing instruments and notebooks with ease, efficacy and fun. No web developers or IT specialists are needed. Managing your landing page will be as easy as handling your favourite social media account.

QR Code

Your Cloud Pens and Notebooks are connected through a dynamic QR Code, designed to aesthetically integrate with your logo and ultimately generate more scans. The QR Code is not only the most accessible and efficient technology for connecting your branded writing instruments, it's also vastly more environmentally sustainable when compared with any chip-based technology like NFC or RFID. Furthermore, you will actually own your QR Code and can download it and apply it on other media, like your business card, your brochure - or on more Prodir pens and notebooks, of course. Excluded is only the use on promotional writing instruments and notebooks of other manufacturers.

prodir cloud pens qr code
Page look and feel

Customize any detail of your landing page. Choose your favourite font style from the built-in library or simply apply your own website font. Select the colour of your page background, personalize the style of your buttons, position your logo exactly where it should be. And of course, we will personalize the address of your Cloud Service page with your own domain.

prodir cloud pens page look and feel
Drag and drop

Easily insert and sort your content through a sharp, drag and drop interface.

prodir cloud pens drag and drop

Track, monitor and optimize your campaign results. Understand the number of pen scans and clicks on your landing page buttons in order to identify and improve your top perfoming content.

prodir cloud pens analytics

With easy integration for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google tracking pixels, you are empowered to retarget those who have scanned your QR Code and reconnect with those who have engaged with your brand.

 prodir cloud pens retargeting

Integrate your company or product video seamlessy, simply by inserting your YouTube or Vimeo link.

prodir cloud pens video

Upload your campaign visuals and instantly get them optimized for mobile devices.

prodir cloud pens visuals
Locate your business

Localize your business and provide directions to your public via Google Maps.

prodir cloud pens locate your business
Add contact

Enable the user of your Cloud Messengers to save your contact information with one tap.

prodir cloud pens add contact
Send email

Create a button enabling your customers and prospects to send you an email right away.

prodir cloud pens send email
Call function

Insert your phone number and invite your public to call you with one tap.

prodir cloud pens call function
Social media

Promote your social media channels and invite your public to follow your brand on (literally) any social platform.

prodir cloud pens social media
Download app

Promote your mobile app and invite downloads from the relative platform: Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

prodir cloud pens download app
Download file

Brochures, press kits, pricelists, menus, environmental reports or any other kind of document can be easily uploaded and efficiently distributed via the landing page connected to your personalized Swiss made Cloud Pen.

prodir cloud pens download file
Connect to Wi-Fi

Create a button that links to your Wi-Fi service and safely share your Internet connection.

prodir cloud pens connect wi fi
What are the advantages of Prodir’s QR Codes compared to NFC solutions?
Environmental Product Declaration

Download the environmental product declaration of the writing instrument.

Download declaration