Personalization 2.0.

"Not only the design of the writing instruments, but the technical realization which enables the surface structure to be individualized in any number of ways, makes the QS series standout from all the rest”, is the assessment of the jury, which conferred our model series with the Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the Communicative Products category. Prodir has been able, with the QS model series “to provide the communicative potential of the classic promotional pen with a further dimension."

You can further amplify your brand messenger's communication potential with our Cloud Services services, in which a dynamic QR Code links the writing instruments to a dedicated mobile landing page.

1. What is the QS00 anyway?

A little revolution and a completely new form of personalization.

A QS00 features, in line with individual ideas and as far as is technically possible, a personalized 3D surface structure.

In a special procedure, the structure is introduced in the injection moulding onto the surface of the casing.

The result is a unique writing instrument and strongly brand-oriented communication tool.

The QS models with individualized 3D surface structures are only available at Prodir. 

2. What do we need to do?

As a customer in the industry, it’s best to contact your trusted promotional item reseller, who will then discuss the options together with us. No matter what your idea is concerning a 3D surface, we will review the plan in terms of viability and come up with possible variations.

If you are a promotional item reseller, please contact the Prodir branch office.

3. What does Prodir need from me?

We will pick you up at your current planning stage and bring you via the fastest route to your QS00. Simply contact us and let us know how far along you already are with your project: Do you have an idea or an initial visualisation of your pattern already? 

Or have your graphic designers even already come up with a vector graphic file of the writing instrument? No matter at which point we start out on our shared journey, we will accompany you to your QS00.

4. Which technical aspects must I bear in mind?
  • The maximum depth of the pattern in the casing is 0.15 mm
  • Only the clip can be printed
  • Special colours gladly, and without additional charges
  • Ask about our special conditions for repeat orders
  • We can gladly produce 3D renderings, however they are subject to a charge
  • 3D prototypes are also subject to a charge and are only available for matt versions 
5. How long do you need for the production?

Once we have your final approval of the layout suggestion (2D), we immediately begin the production process. 

It then takes around 8 weeks until you receive the writing instruments.

6. Who does the texture on my writing instrument belong to?

If recognizable and trademark protected elements of your brand are involved, their reproduction on the writing instrument is also protected.

Generic textures that are not solely associated with a brand are excluded from this protection. 

All other aspects should be personally discussed.

Environmental Product Declaration

Download the environmental product declaration of the writing instrument.

Download declaration