DS6 S: The new Prodir Mini

Less CO2, less plastic, top performance: the trendiest mix in the new DS6 S Mini from Prodir.

Prodir press release 01/2023

Remember the Austin Mini? It was compact, economical and fitted into the smallest parking space. Conceived as a stylish answer to the first energy crisis in the post-war period, there was not a hint of austerity about it. Quite the opposite: the Mini was simply enough in every way for a car that you needed to get around and have fun with, low to the ground in a neat package.

Just like the new DS6 S Mini. It’s up to 24.4 mm shorter than comparable models and uses up to 20% less material, which not only makes a difference in terms of sustainability, but also means it takes up less space in a bag. But we haven’t cut corners when it comes to its housing, which is still made 100% from recycled ABS, produced with 40% lower CO2 emissions than standard ABS thanks to a special process.

It all adds up to a product that is far greater than the sum of its parts: less material, less C02, but still top performance. Its Floating Ball 1.0 refill with lead-free tip and low-pollutant ink writes and writes and writes – and when it finally runs out, it’s easy to replace. A shorter pen with a longer useful life, available in eight great standard colours and any PMS special colour from upwards of 10,000 units, always in a matte housing.

And just to show everyone what a great product they’ve got, the CO2 reduction symbol is applied in relief on the DS6 S cap alongside the recycling logo.

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Photo: The new DS6 S Mini