The cloud for Prodir’s Cloud Pens. Now completely free.

From today, Prodir is offering the digital dimension of haptic advertising thrown in: the Swiss manufacturer of writing instruments is now offering its customers free access to the Cloud Pen web app. The added value this can bring to communications is huge.

Prodir Press Release 02/2022

How does it all work? It’s really simple. A QR code on the writing instrument takes users to a personalized landing page. What they see there will depend solely on the specific aims of the Corporate Communications team: the design, features and content are easy to tweak at any time with just a few clicks.

Using analytics, the performance of the haptic advertising can be measured, and content optimized accordingly in the admin area of the Cloud Pen app. Target groups can be reached out to again and again in fresh retargeting campaigns on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. And anyone wanting to attract users to their social media pages or online shop can simply activate the relevant links and buttons. Videos, photos, brochures and catalogues can also be shared just as easily. Customers seeking personal contact can insert a call feature or make sure that contact details can be downloaded straight to the user’s mobile with just one click.

The possibilities are endless – and are included for free with all Cloud Pens. “This is making the digital experience sensory and the haptic experience virtual,” says Prodir CMO Eckhard Sohns. “Boundaries are vanishing, and new freedoms are emerging.”

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Photo: Cloud Pens – the digital dimension of haptic advertising.