Maximal minimalism: New Prodir DS11 is as simple as 1+1

Pushing sustainable simplicity to the maximum, Prodir has succeeded in creating a push ball point writing instrument for business that is made from only two parts. DS11 is a masterful minimalist gem for brands that wants to keep it simple in 2024.

Prodir press release 01/2024

Pens are complex technologies that have been evolving since the days of the quill and ink pot. Sometimes, however, evolution can trend toward simplicity, as it has with the new DS11 from Prodir. The new DS11 is a push ball point pen that is made from only two parts – as simple as 1+1. The mechanism requires no separate spring or components, but is organically a part of the casing – a clever, closed system.

With two generous print areas on the clip and body, DS11 is for straightforward brand messages that get right to the point.

DS11 offers minimalism without compromises: sustainability remains a key message for businesses choosing the pen for their communication. DS11 comes in 10 standard colours, and like all Prodir ABS writing instruments, it is made with 100% recycled ABS in black or white colours, and 50% recycled ABS in all other colours. What’s more, the minimalist, two-part structure reduces the need for internal components, further saving on materials and sourcing. The pen’s sustainability is further enhanced when paired with Prodir’s unique Floating Ball® lead free refill with a stainless-steel writing tip with a low-pollutant ink which contains no substances classified by REACH as ”Substances of Very High Concern” (SVHC).

Christoph Schnug, who created the DS11 with his company Studio C, has this to say about the new design: “Our pen designs have focused on radically innovative materials in recent years, but this year we decided to experiment with the basic structure of the pen itself. The quest to maximalise minimalism became its own kind of innovation. By challenging ourselves to create a pen with only two parts, we had to rethink how we do writing instruments. I think the result speaks for itself. I’m delighted that, together with the Prodir development department, we could create an entirely new concept of pen. It should be able to satisfy a large segment of Prodir’s current customers, and perhaps offer itself to new segments of business customers looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense communication tool.”

DS11 from Prodir comes in 10 select matt colours and as Designer’s Choice with the 2024 colour of the year, Red Earth, from 500 units. Special colours are available from upwards of 10,000 units.

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Photo: New DS11