A real gem, now also made from seashells: the new Prodir DS5 Metal Clip

Taking an existing product to the next level through sheer attention to detail – this is what Prodir has achieved with its new DS5 Metal Clip, an exclusive writing instrument with high-quality details made from innovative, sustainable materials.

Prodir press release 01/2022

You can almost still hear the roaring of the sea: in its “shell” design, the new DS5 Metal Clip comes with a casing made from a plastic enriched with recycled seashells. The natural material shapes the user’s haptic and visual experience of the writing instrument. The untreated natural surface exudes sustainability, while the pen lies with a comfortable weight in the hand as well as being especially tough and very long-lasting.

The surface is made from 30% recycled seashells, such as oyster shells from French gourmet restaurants. The remaining 70% comes from plastic, half of which has been recycled or regenerated from internal waste. With its high-impact colours, the fine yet very sturdy metal clip sets a striking tone against the natural casing. The holder slides over the cap like a precious ring and allows the clip to float above the casing with elegant ease.

Besides the “Shell” version, the DS5 Metal Clip is also available with traditional plastic casings. From 2022 onwards, all of Prodir’s coloured writing instruments will be injection-moulded from 50% recycled and regenerated plastic. The company now makes its black and white casings – its most popular – from 100% recycled or regenerated plastic.

The visual highlight of the new writing instrument is clearly its organically shaped clip, which looks as if it has been formed from a single piece – a tiny yet exquisite masterpiece. It offers an exclusive printing surface for showcasing logos with minimal effort but maximum value. It is available in four versions – charcoal, gold, black and silver – and always with a satin matt finish. This means your brand message goes precisely where it belongs: on a real gem.

Christoph Schnug, who created the original DS5 with his company Studio C, has this to say about the new design: “We asked ourselves how we could take the shape of the now-classic DS5 and develop it further in a Metal Clip pen. It was a challenge – not just for us as designers but also for the development department and production team at Prodir. I’m very happy with the result: we’ve been able to create an exclusive Metal Clip that’s distinctive enough to stand alone without losing the succinct character of the DS5.”

The DS5 Metal Clip from Prodir comes in eight select matt colours, including a stylish black Soft touch. Special colours are available from upwards of 10,000 units.

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Photo: The new DS5 Metal Clip