Corporate Update

April 20th, 2020

Thanks to an initial easing of the coronavirus measures by the Ticino cantonal government, we were able to partially resume production on April 20. The Swiss production facilities of Pagani Pens SA, with its brands Prodir, Premec and Pigra, are now once again manufacturing writing instruments and components for writing systems. We are very happy that in both business units people are now working and that the machines are running again.

The decisive factor in this important step towards a return to normality was the clear flattening of the infection curve in Ticino. Developments show that the government measures, some of which were very drastic, were effective. The health of our employees and the general public continues to be our top priority. However, by strictly adhering to demanding safety and hygiene standards, we also want to do our part to ensure that this economic room for manoeuvre, which is so important for all of us, is not negligently jeopardised.