99.99% effective against bacteria

We use Biomaster technology from Addmaster to apply antibacterial protection to the casing surfaces of our pens. This globally renowned additive, tested to ISO 22196, inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% for the pen’s entire lifespan. Biomaster is based on silver ions, a technology that has been recognized and utilized for centuries – and has no harmful effects. In addition to special models such as the QS50, all DS and QS models are now also available with antibacterial casing surface protection, subject to the minimum order quantities for special colours in the PMS. 

DS Regeneration Pens

Antibacterial, recycled and all in white

Encapsulating the two most pressing topics of our times: DS Regeneration Pens in a classic matt white finish, with antibacterial casing made from recycled plastic, are now available from 500 units. Other standard colours: 5,000 units.


Antibacterial, with a matt or polished finish – and all in white

A truly iconic pen for clear communication with an all-white, antibacterial casing in a matt or polished finish, available from just 500 units. Available in all other standard and special casing PMS colours from 5,000 units.

DS and QS models|||Antibacterial and in all colours

In addition to the special models and designs detailed above, we can also supply all DS and QS pens with antibacterial surface protection. Minimum order quantities are the same as those for special casing PMS colours for each model.

Please note that surfaces with a varnished or Soft touch finish, metal components (such as clips, nose cones and push buttons), and DS3 Biotic and QS Stone models cannot be produced with antibacterial surface protection. For QS40, QS03 and QS01, where the only printing surface is on the clip, we recommend adding a packaging to show the antibacterial logo.

QS50 Thank You

Antibacterial, with high or low-relief – and all in white

The time has come to say thank you. This message is injection-moulded into the three-dimensional surface of the QS50, which also features antibacterial protection. The all-white standard version is available from 500 units. Available in all other standard and special QS casing PMS colours from 5,000 units.