New QS40 True Biotic.|||Created by nature for nature

Biobased and biodegradable biopolymers perfectly match the natural lightness of its multi-award winning shape: the new QS40 True Biotic combines maximum sustainability with the highest quality in design and manufacture.

Sustainable and antibacterial

All of our models are now also available with Biomaster antibacterial surface protection. Silver ion technology equips them with 99.99% protection against bacteria throughout their lifespan. 30% of the plastic used in their production is made from regenerated plastic.

The environmental credentials of the antibacterial DS Regeneration Pens are even more impressive. Their casings are made from 100% recycled materials. And if you want to say thank you with a personal touch check out our new QS50: “Thank you” is inscribed in five different languages on its antibacterial casing surface.

About Prodir

Internationally award-winning design, outstanding writing technology and wide-ranging personalisation options make Prodir writing instruments personalisable brand ambassadors. Sustainable and socially responsible, our pens are produced in Switzerland from cap to tip.

As a promotional product retailer, the Partner Lounge supports your marketing work and allows you to save writing instruments directly online from the configurator.

Personalized pens with logo.<br />Made in Switzerland

For more than four decades, Prodir has been manufacturing personalized pens with logo for companies throughout the world. Our Swiss made promotional pens stand out for their style, design, shape and materials.

Complimentary pens are an effective promotional means for every company, and a useful gift for the people receiving them. Personalized pens are an effective way of making your brand known and promoting your business during promotional events and trade fairs.

Here at Prodir, we manufacture a wide array of models, and personalize them by pad and screen printing. Forty years of experience in the field have made Prodir a reliable and internationally renowned partner for the supply of designer and high-quality personalized pens. Our experience has allowed us to reach a high level of specialisation in pen personalization with logos of any kind.

Thanks to the use of latest-generation equipment, we are able to develop complex personalized shapes and prints, and to reproduce any type of brand and colour pattern.

To give you only the best writing performance, each Prodir pen is subject to a careful selection, including strict durability and reliability tests. Quality control is an integral part of our manufacturing process; this is also why Prodir personalized pens will promote your brand in a reliable way for a long time.

As with all gifts, the packaging is also important for a complimentary pen. This is why at Prodir we pay the utmost attention to pen packaging; our pen cases, designed by expert and qualified designers, are made with high-quality materials that are pleasant to the touch.


That’s exactly how I want it!

Customize your own Prodir writing instrument with a logo online: on your computer and all mobile devices. Just the way you want it. See what your writing instrument might look like.


Our writing instruments are open for your stories and contribute some of their own character in the process. That’s why our new magazine is called Open: An open “O” before “pen” which takes in everything that makes our writing instruments so unmistakable.

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